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Isamar van Hilten, the CEO of PIRGROUP has relocated more than thirty times during her life. Using her first-hand acquaintance with numerous relocations and adapting to the different cultures involved, her life experience has become her full-time job. Today with a multicultural team in ten countries PIRGROUP supports international professionals and their families through the relocation process.

Isamar van Hilten, the CEO of PIRGROUP has moved and relocated more than thirty times during her life.
She eventually relocated to the Netherlands to establish an office for Full Circle International Relocation Inc.
a Washington DC based classic relocation company.
Clients of Full Circle International Relocation began to ask about additional services for their “Local Foreign Hires”.
At that time these service were not available from head office in the United States.
Partners in Relocation BV was incorporated with the goal of aiding “Local Foreign Hires” and expanding upon the
Classic Relocation Services.
Partners in Relocation opens its first subsidiary, to service the Eastern European market with Classic Relocation,
Immigration and Culture Shock Workshops.
Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP), opens its first international office in Riga-Latvia. Riga becomes the financial center of PIRGROUP.
PIRGROUP opens additional international offices in Bucharest-Romania, Vilnius-Lithuania and Sofia-Bulgaria.
By client request, a second office in Cluj, Romania opens. A senior consultant starts the Armenia (Yerevan) office. PIRGROUP opens its doors in Azerbaijan with Georgia following soon thereafter.
PIRGROUP is a founding member of ACE Mobility Alliance, covering Denmark, Finland and Sweden as neighboring countries to the three Baltic States. In November of 2011 PIRGROUP is accredited with the EuRA Quality Seal.
PIRGROUP starts a close working relationship with its sister company Expat-Links.
PIRGROUP is proven to be compliant and has been rewarded with the EuRA Quality Seal for a further two years.

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