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In today’s fast moving world global businesses require key employees with specific knowledge and talents to be on location quickly and easily. Appointments can range from a one hour business meeting to a five year international assignment In some cases, with a family and a full move. We are experts in this field, we have an eye for every detail. We will manage this process for you painlessly and seamlessly.

Sending your employees around the globe to develop new business, set up shop, meet customers or be on location during a project requires extensive knowledge and multiple disciplines.

Each assignment has to be looked at as unique. The dynamics may be similar but when looked at as a whole there are always differences. The assignment is new, the people, the companies, the destination country, the culture and the language. This all has to be taken into account and requires local intelligence and knowledge at both ends.

There are numerous parties involved in each relocation:  
  1. The HR managers at either end
  2. PIRGROUP’s local Relocation consultants in the destination country
  3. A trustworthy Real Estate Company known to PIRGROUP
  4. A known to PIRGROUP moving company and their partner in the destination country
  5. The International school involved and possibly PIRGROUP's Education Agent
  6. PIRGROUP’s Immigration consultant for both the assignee and their family
  7. If necessary an interpreter known to PIRGROUP
  8. Coordination between the tax parties of both destinations
  9. All individual government agencies in the new destination
    e.g. Social Security Department, City Hall, Financial Institutions alike.

PIRGROUP has a proven track record in seamlessly organizing all of the above, PIRGROUP researches and designs expert expatriate programs,
PIRGROUP introduces the mobility plan to all stakeholders and takes responsibility for the implementation of the program.

For more information please feel free to contact us or see our Services page for more information

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