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It’s a well known fact that moving is up there with the five most stressful of life events a person can experience. We, as international relocation experts can only add that moving to a foreign country has an even bigger impact. Not only do you move from your familiar surroundings, neighborhood and friends; you also move from your everyday life, daily routine and expectations. An international move requires that you adapt, learn and accept a myriad of differences, languages, foods, habits, smells, noises, fashions, climate and people!
Relocating to a foreign country is stressful for employers, employees and their family members! Being aware of this situation and understanding that it can cause culture shock is the first positive step. The second step is to contact PIRGROUP Romania and discuss our well constructed package of services designed to minimize the stress and problems culture shock can cause. Our program is cost effective and ensures your international professional settles well and smoothly into their new country.

PIRGROUP offers two types of culture workshops:
  1. Introductions to living and working in a new culture. At first it all seems exciting and so much fun, then slowly small irritations begin rising to the surface, the small becomes large and then the shock hits, you want to go home, don’t! Just call us for advice and to plan a workshop where we will train you to understand cultural diversity. You will learn how to understand and look at the situation in a positive light to cope and even appreciate the new culture!

  2. Business interaction with multiple nationalities on the work floor. Your client is from Brazil, your supplier from China, your manager is from Sweden, your colleague is from England, your procurement department is in the USA, your pay slip comes via Romania à how do you all speak the same verbal, nonverbal, email, telephone language to work in the most efficient and productive way? How do you keep your multinational team motivated? How will you increase output? How can you limit irritations and disputes? Our workshops are practical, no-nonsense and directly applicable.
The workshops will inform you about the new cultural environment you have moved to. Local habits and business culture will be explained and analyzed. Once you take where you come from and put it into context with your new surroundings, work and personal life in the new destination becomes a valuable experience.

Contact us for more information and a non-obligatory chat about how our workshops can help.


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